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Thursday, February 28, 2008


Straight up.

We Got It For Cheap Volume 3 is so balla. It could be anyone that takes some beats from recent months (or even years ago - omg!), lays some new raps over, packages and releases it for free, but in this case it happens to be Malice and Pusha-T, arguably the two dopest MCs going around (seriously fuck Atmosphere and that conscious rap, we want gangsta). And damn son are we lucky for it, ‘cause the best songs of the past couple years have come from these guys. And those that haven't come from Clipse, have been snapped up and worked on as part of the We Got It For Cheap tapes. This one got serious bounce. Again.
The beats speak for themselves: the duo takes on totes bangers like “Roc Boys” and “Dey Know”, do work on Kanye’s “Good Morning”, and even flip Funkmaster Flex’s old beat off The Tunnel, “Real G’s.” Inevitably, they torch it. Anyone familiar with Clipse word-play won’t be disappointed, nor will those happy with their traditional subject matter: they’re playing keys like Ray Charles, got more powder than Maybelline, are supplying the ghetto and got their face etched in a brick. It’s amazing that, after about 5 albums, they still haven’t run out of ways to rap almost exclusively about coke, even if they claim on this album that they're not part of the coke rap thing: sometimes they also rap about guns. And other times various things they’ve bought.
I fucking love it.
Skits are kept to a relative minimum, which we can all be thankful for, and the ones that are there include the decrying of a “tree-huggin-ass bitch” which everyone can enjoy. Ab-liva and Sandman, the other two members of the Re-Up Gang, feature throughout and spit some fire - each has a solo track, both of which are bumpin’. We Got It For Cheap Volume 3 isn’t going to topple Hell Hath No Fury, but it’s a stone reminder of how incredibly good Clipse are.

Clipse - Roc Boys

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