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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Brag Reviews Vol 2 : Chasm - Beyond the Beat Tape

Aussie hip hop (or Skiphop as my mates call it) is in a good place at the moment. The Hilltop Hoods are blowing up overseas, and last year we had great albums from Urthboy, The Tounge and Pegz as well as showings from a slew of new acts bubbling just under the surface. One of theses acts who look set to break through is Chasm, a Sydney producer who has been on the grind for many years and recently had a large hand in the Astronomy Class album 'Exit Strategy' as well as number of other Elephant Traks releases. 'Beyond the Beat Tape' is his debut album on Obese. It is just that - beats fleshed out and expanded with verses from many of Australia's finest MC's including Urthboy, Pegz, Muph and Hau.

Chasm is a purely analogue producer who draws the majority of his inspiration from the boom-bap East Coast sound of the mid-90's. This sound is explored throughout the sixteen tracks from the afro-beat of 'Let the beat go' to the summery soul of 'The Niceness'. Chasm has stated that he felt the sound of the album fitted best on Obese and I have to agree, the record has a strong brash quality which is common through most Obese releases. The MC's themselves also pull out some of their best verses working their signature styles to fit the themes of industry, love, support and competition that are explored. Of particular note are the verses of the often underrated Hau, who also shone on the latest Resin Dogs release, and Ozi Batla.

All this considered, there is a certain flatness to this LP. It is almost as if Chasm is too smart for his own good. Collecting a group of proven MC's and pushing a certain sound somehow makes the record lack in texture. While this may be Chasm's understated style I find it works against the album as a whole, stopping you from reaching for the repeat button.

3 1/2 Stars

Chasm - The Niceness (featuring Ozi Batla & Vida Sunshyne)

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