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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Kitsune is not new to the blogosphere (I call it that cause Marge calls it that) but its always an event when they drop another of their Masion (french for 'house') compilations. Due to the sheer volume of hot fire around these days they are now up to number 5 in the series. It is filled with the same selection of eletro/indie sounds the label is famous for though this volume does lean a little heavily on remixes.

The standout for us here at BW is a neck snapping new joint from french touch legend Alan Braxe. Moving away from his filtered disco sound this new track borrows heavily from Timbaland with a little random glitch thrown in for good measure. Its tracks/compilations like this that make me think 'masion' still has life in it yet. Check it out below.

Alan Braxe - Addicted

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