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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Are You going to be hip!? Are you giving me lip!?

So I had a listen to the new Kelley Stoltz album for our friends over at Kluster magazine. The album materialised in stores at the beginning of last week and it is one I recommend you at least listen to to see what you think, as I explain below:

"Kelley Stoltz brings us his latest batch of upbeat lo-fi with the new release Circular Sounds. This follow-up to the San Franciscan's 2006 long-player Below the Branches provides the perfect soundtrack for a glorious summery Sunday afternoon. Highlights include the high rotation first single 'Your Reverie' (just try getting this chorus out of your head!), the melancholy 'Something More' and the '60s pop of 'To Speak to the Girl'. If you don't get it on the first listen, spin it again because it's a real grower."

Stoltz's last album, Below the Branches, had only one high rotation song that I can recall, despite it being a fairly solid work. This song is 'Ever Thought of Coming Back', and is a perfect illustration of Stoltz's Beach Boys influenced pop and pointed to the direction that Circular Sounds has taken.

The other recommendation to come out of this post is a shameless plug: do yourself a favour and head on over to Kluster, have a read through their latest fashion issue (and the previous two issues if you haven't read them) and if you like what you read and see then sign up as a subscriber!

Kelley Stoltz - Ever Thought of Coming Back

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