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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Git'r Done!

So look at the picture. They're Texan. Actually. But it's 'cause they're from Austin, which is basically like Newtown on steroids, with tonnes of great freaks and a massive student population and more bars on a single street than Australia has in total. I was there for a month and got more music up in my junk than you'd get anywhere else in a year. PINETOP fucking PERKINS walked into a bar* on a Monday night and played 5 songs. This is a 93 year old guy who was the pianist for Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf. Homeslice still smokes like a chimney. I lit his Malboro 100 for him. Amazing.

Anyway that's Austin. It's difficult to illustrate just how the weird creativity grooves with the blues foundation of the city, but the result is things like Ghostland Observatory. Mostly they build on these kinda cheesy dance beats, adding prototypical nasal-shout indie vocals, with an 80's strut and lean. It's a frappe of drums, electronic beeps and whistles, punky riffs, and an upbeat attitude that they like to describe as BALLSY. On their myspace, influences include Jerry Lee Lewis, David Bowie, Daft Punk, Green Velvet and The Clash - if you can imagine that at all at once you'll have a fairly good idea. Whatever, they're super fun. In my favourite way: the run-around-like-a-kid way.

* Nuno's on 6th St. The house band Jo Hell and the Red Roosters were so incredibly balla we were begging them to tour Australia.

Ghostland Observatory - Piano Man

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Nat said...

Fuck I hate Larry the Cable Guy....

Nat said...

But these guys are excellent - just checking out the album now..