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Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm Not Really Sure What's Going On In New York City At The Moment.

But it kinda seems like this happened:

SoCal Punk walks into a bar and meets up with his mate The Pogues. They discuss making music together - it makes sense. Then Dancefloor Beat shows up and he's like "get me involved." SoCal Punk and The Pogues are like "we can deal: I mean, that whole '/' thing is going on now and the kids love it. It's fun." So they have some beers and see Electronic Beeps And Whistles ('EBW' to her friends) is over there playing pool with Catchy Hooks, and everyone's drunk now so they go "hey, come join our band!" and EBW and Catchy Hooks are all "fuck it. It's a Tuesday. What else are we gonna do?" So they have like a thousand more beers and go home and have music sex, and then 9 months later (music has a similar gestation period to humans) out pops little Team Robespierre and all five parents are like "what the fuck have we created? Quick, put it in a sweaty bar and let the kids go wild."

Team Robespierre - Ha Ha Ha

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Anyway so then Team Robespierre has this friend (in real life and on Myspace) called 'BIG A little a' and he goes "hey you know how you make music and junk? Well Czechoslovakia this" and suddenly BOOMWHAT'SGOINGONTHISISINTENSE comes out of him and all his friends are like 'woah.' And Aa is like "yep. Pretty fucking good huh?" (And also wouldn't let me find any mp3's to share)

Aa (BIG A little a) - Thirteen [Video]

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1 comment:

Michaella said...

i'm not really sure what's going on in this post at the moment.

so confused!

but love it!