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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Eu Amo Estes Miúdos

Brazilians, man. Fucking seriously. Their country is beautiful, the people are beautiful, they're arguably the most reknowned partyers in the history of fun, they're amazing at football, and now they're freaking all the kids out with wicked bands. CSS and Bonde Do Role rocked up and blew minds and everyone went "hey fuck navel gazing, pop-retarded is the new indie." Now we've got The Twelves. I almost hate that making remixes is a valid artistic direction, almost. It's not like you can take a Basquiat and put a few nice scribbles on it and go "my version's better." But when you have a track record like The Twelves, I can't begrudge you anything 'cause what you're producing is so amazing. Czech the artists these guys have tinkered with: M.I.A, Yelle, Asobi Seksu, NYPC, and Kylie (?!) to name a few. That's impeccable. And the formula seems to be this:

original song+ super catchy hooks + innate sense of fun x infinity = Twelves Remix

and it ALWAYS WORKS. Judging by the internet they're already massive so cross fingers for a tour soon. They'll probably play somewhere mini like Oxford Arts Factory which will be totes rad so I'll see you then.

Yelle - Ce Jeu (The Twelves Remix)

M.I.A - Boyz (The Twelves Remix)

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