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Monday, February 25, 2008

Justice of the Unicorns - Angels with Uzis

So I'm guessing you, like me until a very short while ago, won't have the tiniest clue about Justice of the Unicorns. They don't even, at the time of writing, have a Wikipedia listing. I bet BW has a Wikipedia listing (and if we don't, the Wiki-slut Alex will have created one before you finish reading this post!).
Justice of the Unicorns must be hyper-cool because they hail from Puerto Rico Town in Brooklyn, NYC. In parts Neil Young and Eddie Vedder (particularly his solo work), Jack White/White Stripes, Yeasayer, Ween, lo-fi, psychdelic etc etc you get the picture. They have sensational cover art (above) and fucking excellent tunes.
Apparently Angels with Uzis is their second full length album - The Pill that Killed Hendrix was their first (you can listen to a couple of the tracks on their website). There's a nice tie-in between the two albums. In the track Fake Gold, from their latest release, they sing about seeing Tupac and Biggie chatting to Hendrix at a Taco Bell on their way to the Pearly Gates ruing that they'll never get high again. Tell me you don't like that story line??
There's no point in me singling out highlights because the whole album is tremendous. A couple of weeks ago, writing about British Sea Power's Do You Like Rock Music?, I expressed my concern that I might have been a bit forward with my claim that BSP's brilliant work was going to be hard to outdo. BW folk, I think my concern has been vindicated. This year has kicked off sensationally with BSP, Vampire Weekend and now Justice of the Unicorn! These guys are going to have a big 2008.

Justice of the Unicorns - The Dragon's Claw: Chapter I

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Nat said...

Loving that cover art

alex said...

Wiki-slut?! You're just jealous you're not Bruce Springsteen's photographer...

...but I probably will knock up a wiki at some point. I'm all about the BW pimp.