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Friday, February 1, 2008

Little Tiny Horses

Like, OK, it's still a little bit cool to like the Rapture*, but only if you do it in an I-like-The-Rapture way, not in an Have-you-heard-of-The-Rapture way. They're still super fun and have that edge of weirdness that kinda makes you work a bit to like them, and this is still a recipe for hipster stardom. But what if there was a new Rapture? A band who were younger, a bit bratty, but still had that same sort of sound? That sound that works in your iPod or after 100 beers at like 77 or wherever you go? Plus they're English so you just know they probably do lines on weekdays? Along comes Foals to check the boxes. The only problem, in a true indie cred sense, is they kinda miss out on being obscure 'cause they got featured on Myspace this week. But if you don't have an account you can just be like "what, I just like them." Or maybe even "what, I just read about a bunch of bands on Burnt Waffles." Chuch.

*Disclaimer: I love the Rapture.

Foals - Ballons

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