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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Apple launches another one...

I am proud to be BW's first female and first French correspondent. Living in France means I have access to lots of juicy media first. Like a certain jingle which I have had, quite happily, stuck in my head for several weeks now. A song, which when I sung it to a certain Australian 'music nazi' friend, he could not identify (which I was truly amazed hear!).

It's featured in the new Macbook Air ad of course! Which I am certain will do to French/Israeli singer songwriter Yael Naim's career what it did for Feist, or "Feeeest" as the French pronounce it. Naim is absolutely massive over here in her new adopted home of Paris, but I fail to see why. After hearing her sing live with a full backing band on French talk show 'Le Grand Journal', I was sadly disappointed.

I noticed Yael Naim's album neatly tucked away in Fnac, so I'm sure it will hit shelves in Australia (and more promotional ads) soon - especially if its sell-out on Amazon is any indication...

Yael Naim - New Soul

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Nat said...

Nice post sexy - who is this music nazi your are referring too?

alex said...

Bam. Debut screamer.

We international now, like true playaz.