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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunny Day Sets Fire

Sunny Day Sets Fire did a reverse diaspora thing. They channelled and drew members from as diverse places as Sardinia, Hong Kong and Canada to an East London locus. It's a random, faux-serendipitous theme that permeates through a lot of the things they do. Check the name out: it's generated from an internet band name generator. And perhaps more weirdly, they went with it. The music is charmingly effete psych-pop with some pretty melodies, and would almost be an anachronism were it not for the driving (but subtle) bass lines that lend their songs a sense of purpose. It's a grower - my original reaction was to label it derivative but the slow burn has come on and I'm liking it. More than their original sound, I'm loving the remixes by the likes of XXXchange, Cool Kids and Diplo, who have turned SDSF's sweet-n-edgy little tunes into fully-blown club bangers, a process we here at BW encourage. The Stranger Remix EP and their debut album Summer Palace are out now through IAMSOUND.

(the link below is a bigger-than-usual .aiff file through zshare. I'm not rad enough at teh internetz to now how to make it smaller)

Sunny Day Sets Fire - Brainless (Baron Von Luxxury remix)

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