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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Origins: Rodriguez

Sometimes your parents get it right. In between the Gypsy Kings and Ottmar Liebert mine would spin gems such as the Stones, Paul Simon and the subject of this origin, Rodriguez.

Hailing from Detroit, Rodriguez was part of a psy-folk movement in the early to mid seventies. He only released two albums, both in the seventies, 'Cold Fact' and 'Coming From Reality'. Since then there has been a steady string of Greatest Hits and live compilations running all the way up too 2005. While virtually unknown in the US and Europe he has a huge cult following in Australia and South Africa. His track 'Sugar Man' (featured below) has also popped up in the Triple J playlist and on the soundtrack for the Aussie movie 'Candy'.

His sound is based in folk but uses electronic effects and elements to give his songs a detached and cosmic texture. Rodriguez lyrics tackle everyman problems such as drug abuse and social decay in an almost Dylanesque manner. Check out his unappreciated sound for yourself below.

Rodriguez - Sugarman

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1 comment:

alex said...

Man I love this song.

Also how cool is the name Sixto?