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Monday, May 12, 2008

Re-released Maps Of Hell

Turns out Bad Religion are re-releasing last year’s brilliant New Maps Of Hell. The re-released version will include acoustic versions of three new songs, as well as four acoustic versions of classic Bad Religion songs. Also included will be a DVD with an hour long live performance, music videos for "Honest Goodbye" and "New Dark Ages," and some behind-the-scenes footage (because everyone loves behind the scenes footage). The news headline on the epitaph web site proclaims the band “Charts New Territory” through this act.

Now I don’t want to bad mouth such a great band or such a great album but frankly this is bullshit. I bought the album when it was released LESS THAN A YEAR ago and now what you’reeffectively saying is that I’ve missed out on all these tasty tidbits. Now I’m cool with re-releases of this type, I own the deluxe edition of Sonic Youth’s Dirty and it’s great, really. I’m also not averse to getting two versions of the same album; I have two versions of The Velvet Underground & Nico, for example. But re-releasing an album that’s still on rotation in my stereo just makes one feel like I purchased an inferior product.

Having said all that, if you haven’t got the album this is great news because now you can get it with those aforementioned extras in addition to what was one of last years best punk albums. Good for you for being so ignorant and/or idle.

By the way, Bad Religion, (yeah I know you’re reading this) how’s about re-releasing 1988’s Suffer, it’s a classic and deserves the classic treatment, I’d be happy to buy that one. Dudes, think before you die!

Bad Religion - Germs Of Perfection

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