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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


People need to stop ragging on Feist and saying she's overrated and ubiquitous. That's bullshit. So she's played on a bunch of talk shows and is at heaps of festivals. As if you wouldn't. So here's some facts about her that counters all the douchey indier-than-thou stuff:
  • She chooses totes appropriate and awesome side projects
  • She's Babraham Lincoln
  • The sound of her voice makes baby angels weep with joy
And to all those netheads who think they're totally clever by tracking down what 'feist' originally meant you're mad lame. Oh yeah and The Constantines are pretty ok too. Maybe Toronto is the new Montreal. Shock - what would Vice think of that prediction?!

The Constantines and Feist - Islands In The Stream

The Constantines | Feist

PS: Hopefully Pras hears this and signs her up for a Ghetto Superstar refix


Nat said...

All about the 'I Feel It All' film clip...

alex said...

She draws necklaces onto herself.
That's so cute it's ridiculous.