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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

She tears you down darlin'

Most mainstream drum and bass has a whiff of cheese about it these days but every so often a track comes along that is so bangin' and uplifting it cannot be ignored.

This is one of those times. The Brookes Brothers have been slowly building a name for themselves with releases on Ram Records and BBK as well as collaborating with the one like Danny Byrd on his recent LP. Tear You Down is their true breakthrough, working its way into the record boxes of everyone from Annie Mac to Andy C.

Defiantly one of those big summer tracks, super size big.

Brookes Brothers - Tear You Down

As a little bonus and on the insistence of other members of this blog I have also included a rare remix of Common's The Light by the Brookes Bros. Not quite as earth shattering the above track but still a nice little roller. Enjoy, and don't say we don't do nothing for you.

Common - The Light (Brookes Brothers Remix)


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