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Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm gonna sip this wine and pass the cup

Let's steer away from the folk and Kanye posts that have dominated BW of late and bring some epic to our lives. I'm talking those Followill boys, you know... Kings of Leon. Their new album, Only by the Night, is due out some time in the coming week depending upon where you reside. KOL's previous effort, Because of the Times, was best described by my co-contributor Nat as "flawless." Only by the Night, is almost as good, they've certainly maintained their stride. I particularly like KOL for their epic guitar tunes (see Knocked Up, On Call etc). The new album adds to these with the likes of Sex on Fire, Manhattan and Use Somebody. Dare I say, but can anybody else hear some Daryl Braithwaite in the new tunes...?
Anyway, no doubt you'll read about the album from real, qualified reviewers in the near future. My intent from this post was to point everyone to the live set KOL played for Zipper over at the beeb's Radio 1 last week - including all the epics!!! Get on board!

(I don't know how long that link will be live for so you could try here if you want something a little more permanent.)

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