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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Zozobra - Bird Of Prey

Well fuck me it’s been a long time between posts by yours truly. Ironic then that I should be posting about a band proving to be quite prolific. Zozobra have wasted no time brining us Bird Of Prey their follow up to last year’s debut Harmonic Tremors.

Yet again this album’s pretty much the work of Caleb Scofield, the band’s songwriter come bassist come guitarist come vocalist, but for this album he’s been joined by Isis drummer Aaron Harris who also handles the production and mixing.

Sonically this new album strays very little from what made Harmonic Tremors great. Severe amounts of distortion, slow hypnotic riffs, layered shouty unintelligible lyrics and a wall of sound production that makes you feel like the whole thing’s been recorded live in a train station toilet.

Altogether Bird Of Prey plays like a continuation of the sound Zozobra developed on Harmonic Tremors. It's a welcome addition to what looks to become an impressive discography.

Also like its predecessor, Bird Of Prey is a rather short affair, about thirty minutes, so at the end of it you may find yourself eagerly waiting their next effort. But hopefully, if Bird Of Prey is anything to go by, the follow up won’t be long off.

Zozobra - Heartless Enemy

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Nat said...

Surprised you didn't attach the ace album art.


Alien Clique said...

Well that's the reward for those who can be arsed to seek out the album.