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Thursday, September 18, 2008

He Say, She Say

Once again, Cream Team has come up with something I have flip out about.

It takes about one listen to get why He Say, She Say copped one of the support slots on Yeezy's recent tour. The ballsy, dirty production from Million $$$ Mano, coupled with the sassy rhymes from Drea have that X-factor you instantly recognise as cooler and better than you. This, I dunno, gangsta-electro-disco, would work anywhere from the clurrrb to home - but I badly wanna hear it at a house party. That would be the hype.

Actually, I'd also kinda like to just bang these tracks in public for a reaction, cause Drea fires out some of the most graphically sexual lyrics since Akinyele, while avoiding the forced crassness of Lil' Kim. It's special.

He Say, She Say - Crash Dummie



V said...

Glad people outside Chicago are catching onto these guys. They are about to blow up big, mark my words ;)

alex said...