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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Monotonix And The Art Of Rocking The Fuck Out

Sometimes you're lying there at night unable to get to sleep, pondering life's little mysteries, like: why are we here? Why did they take John Lennon from us, but they won't take Bono? Are the Republicans seriously going to stick with Sarah Palin? If you were wondering about this biggie:
What would Led Zeppelin have sounded like if they were a trio made up of the guys from Death From Above 1979 and one of their friends? And they lived now? And they were from Tel Aviv? And were tonnes into Dov Charney style clothing?
...wonder no more. The answer is Monotonix. And yes they will make you get awesome and naked and drunk.

(ps peep the videos on their Myspace - I haven't seen shit this frantic since DFA1979's shows.)

Monotonix - Summers & Autumns

Myspace | Website

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