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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What does hipster mean?

Recently, rappers have seemed really, really affronted by hipsters. Or specifically, by the 'tight jeans.' It's part offense, part bewilderment. Bishop Lamont thinks tight jeans will prevent you from breathing, and Jigga argues that he won't wear them because his "nuts don't fit." Mickey Factz got all upset when people labelled his tracks hipster-hop, which they only did because he wears pants less than two sizes too large. Fortunately for us, Buff1 has gotten his pals Mike Lee and DJ Graffiti together, they've banged heads, and have delivered a deep, sociological exploration of just what exactly it is to be a hipster. Because - duh - underground rappers from Michigan are experts on it. 

(Incidentally, for those of you worried about it, they're cool with the whole hipster thing as long as "your music is as tight as your jeans.")


klusterkat said...

Oh yes. Did you know the tightness of a mans pant leg is also a contentious issue for skaters? See our 2006 investigative report for further details:


alex said...

Ha nice article Kat - to throw my 2% of a dollar in, tighties are fine but can be a little harder to push around in, but at least you're not hitching your strides up every five seconds like I used to have to with my oversized Keppers.

So, yup.