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Sunday, July 6, 2008


We've been massive Black Kids cheerleaders at BW (here, here and here) and we, along with many others, knew that 2008 would be huge for the bunch of young Floridians. At the moment they're finding themselves in probably the biggest month of their lives: Glastonbury last weekend, Lollapalooza in a few weeks time, and their debut full-length, Partie Traumatic, dropping in between those two slots.
Most of the album will be familiar to those of you that have been following Black Kids over the last year. It has the four tracks from the official Wizard of the Ahhhs EP, plus the other three tracks that have been floating around the interwebs for the last 6 months. Because of this, I was concerned that the record might suffer from some fatigue.
My anxiety was so misguided. Not only is the experience so much crisper, with Ali and Dawn's vocals much clearer behind Reggie's, the familiar songs have all had new studio takes, with new harmonies and variations on the breakdowns adding some extra polish to what were already some of the most exciting tunes of the last decade.
There are also three new tracks. I don't want to single any of them out because they are all in the Black Kids vein and they're all bumpin' pop tunes. The title track, Partie Traumatic, kicks it up; I'm Making Eyes At You is beautiful, almost Cut Copy and Postal Service-like; and Look At Me closes the album, not letting up in tempo in a way only Black Kids can.
If you're yet to hear Black Kids then I can't emphasise enough how much I want you to listen Partie Traumatic. If you're already a fan you must, must, must listen to the album because they've taken it to another level.
Hmmm, is this the time to mention pressure and sophomore together...?
My only other question: when are you coming down under Black Kids? When!?


Nat said...

Nice post Dan - big up the Kids!

alex said...

They're streaming the whole puppy at their myspace fyi everyone.