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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Dirty Diamonds - Meet The Dirty Diamonds

Recently, I was in my totally balla local sandwich shop (props Malibu), where they have a habit of sporadically bumping early rock and roll and some bangin' soul tunes, amongst some genuinely questionable music. Something like the Andrews Sisters was spinning and I had one of those moments of "who decided there was something wrong with this sound? Why did bands stop doing this?" like you do when you hear great stuff from yesteryear (see further: face-melting solos, epic wails).
Then karma/the internet smiled upon me and dropped a little gem in my lap - a couple weeks back BW featured "Naughty Girl" by the Dirty Diamonds. The band have gone on to cop some solid buzz, and the generous Diamonds themselves have offered us a link to their spanking new EP Meet The Dirty Diamonds. The soul-inflected indie pop and doo-wop sound of Naughty Girl is continued throughout the 4-song EP. It's a fun, fresh, eminently likable collection, and offers the increasingly rare treat of something different. BW reckons there's gonna be some serious chatter about them.

The Dirty Diamonds - Meet The Dirty Diamonds EP


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