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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's Summer Somewhere

So Sydney is mentally cold right now* which always succeeds in totally bumming me out and making me feel lonely. Always. So in between wishing I was on tour (for what I'm not sure: I'm not a musician), being a total Passion Pit booster and thinking about what it would be like to be married to Amanda Blank (superbabe wife, but would I get weird about her lyrics?), I discovered Noah And The Whale. English bands have an unmatched ability to make wistful pop, and these subjects** are no exception. So before you go "oh more nice-sounding folk-pop whatevs why don't you marry it," listen to the music, and then think about it playing while you're at a picnic on a beautiful summer's day and totally giggling out with your friends. A twee image maybe, but that shit is FUN. And I miss it. And I want winter to pack up and give me my sun back. NATW's album "5 Years Time" comes out August 4th, so it's in time for Spring if you're south of the equator, and timed just right to get all wistful during Fall if you're north of it.

Noah And The Whale - Shape Of My Heart

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*Not, like, New York cold, but we live at the beach, so it's different.

**Apparently, if you come from the UK, you're a subject rather than a citizen.


Anonymous said...

perhaps we should have a make believe indoors picnic, with lamps and heaters and blankets. ill make cookies.

alex said...

That'd be excellent.

emma rose said...

And by anonymous you mean annalise, right...? haha.