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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Givin' it a little bit more

Another much-hyped UK trio who came to the fore in late 2007 thanks to their tune Paris - a massive banger and undoubtedly set to be a classic, Friendly Fires' self-titled debut long player has arrived (in stores 1 September 2008).
The boys cite Prince as their strongest influence, and that definitely flows through in their tunes - this is more of the current '80s revival formula that's flavour of the day.
There are several tracks from the album that you'll already be familiar with. In addition to Paris, they released the frantic On Board, which has this crazy clip and was also used in this Wii Fit advertising campaign. Their latest single is number one on the album, Jump in the Pool, which has been single of the week on the Zane-Lowe-cum-Huw-Jones show for the last week.
These singles we already know are up the front of the album, with a couple of other tight tracks. White Diamonds, made up of plenty of cowbell and rising melody, and Strobe, laid back synth, are well worth a spin, . A curly one is Lovesick, which definitely takes its cues from the Shakedown "hit" At Night that you will all associate with a shameful night at some shithouse club somewhere, sometime in 2002.
Down the back of the album things start to get a bit loose. There's disco and distortion, the album climaxing in Ex-lover, the b-side on the Paris single, a track that verges on an 8-bit sound.
On my first listen I was a little disappointed, but it's since grown on me. The best tracks on the album are the ones we've already heard, nonetheless its still enjoyable.

Friendly Fires - Paris
Friendly Fires - Jump in the Pool

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