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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Slept On In '07

I'd planned to gripe so hard abut 2007's music; to preach, and whinge, and make sarcastic cracks. But I think I won't now. Things like 'Sensual Seduction' weren't amazing and can just be consigned to the Clubbers Guide To Tired and we can get on with wowing about some of the stuff that got slept on last year, and will no doubt go nuclear this year.

Sam Sparro

I don't know whether I think he looks fun, or like a fuckwit, but the blue-eyed-soul-meets-disco-sex of Sam Sparro has been bumping in my iPod for a while now. He got spun by Mark Ronson last week and now that he's being officially upped by the BW team you know it's good. Hit his website and check out 'Cottonmouth', which is the current burner.

Black and Gold - Sam Sparro

Vampire Weekend

The buzz is building around Vampire Weekend, and with good reason. They're exponents of cute indie pop, and seriously catchy. Their track 'Mansard Roof' is getting rotation on FBi at the moment, but the track that should've been big all of last year is 'Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa'. It's the new 'Postcards From Italy': simple, clever, and oh so pretty. Incidentally, for the African music experts out there who just popped a hard-on 'cause they saw kwassa kwassa in the title, it's not a kwassa kwassa beat. Sorry. Deal.

Cool Kids Can't Die

So name's kind've annoying: Cool Kids Can't Die. But the music isn't. I cringe a little bit when having to use words like 'filthy' and 'electro' and 'disco' to describe anything, especiallly in tandem. It all feels a little bit YU-promo-flyer. But that's basically what this is: Filthy Electro Disco. If you're into the whole Italo Disco thing that's going on now, it'll push your buttons. Ditto if you got into the Klaxons and that whole indie-electro thing that went down in '07. They kinda sound like if DFA1979 felt the love and decided to do make-out music (excuse coincidental CSS reference). There's two myspace links cause one is their original stuff and the other are their remixes. Both totes excellent.

Fuck Buttons

I'm slightly hesitant in recommending Fuck Buttons. I'm also going to avoid commenting on the name cause it's been done a million times, all pretty sadly. I'm not even sure if I can claim they were slept on. It might just be that they only appeal to certain people, or you have to be in a certain mood. While not usually my thing, their ambient, soundscape, experimental weirdness is kinda awesome. Like if The Field slowed things down, widened it out, and tried to break your head a little.

Sorry. I had to. They weren't slept on but they should've been HUGE, not just pretty popular. The cool thing at the moment is to claim you don't like them, alá Vice, but it's all bullshit. Robert Smith meets Morrisey meets the Go! Team is the common description, and even on paper that's too good to hate on. 2008 should be the year Black Kids explode. This is my favourite track of the year:


Nat said...

Thats how you post!

Michaella said...

i hate vice
i love bad kids
i'd never hear cool kids cant die

nice post - loving burnt waffles!

(being coeliac this is probs as close as ill come to eating the real thing, but im finding your virtual mp3-filled goodness hugely satisfying!)

Michaella said...

ps. have you heard 'oxford comma' by vampire weekend? its pop perfection