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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chip Appreciation Day

In commemoration of the release of the new hot chip single from the upcoming album "made in the dark", I have put together a little compilation of my favourite hot chip songs and vids of recent. These include an original song featured on their dj kicks cd and great acoustic versions of "hold on" and "boy from school" to showcase the bands diversity and song writing chops.

hot chip - my piano (from the dj kicks album)
hot chip - hold on (live on triple j) watch video here
hot chip - boy from school (acoustic version)

Full-band performance of "over and over" with drumkit... crazy!

Also if you missed the streaming of their recent essential mix you can get it from here (courtesy of pound for pound):

hot chip - radio one essential mix (29.12.07)


Nat said...

Nice post Dave - 'Hold On' by far the best track on the album, goes off live as well. You better not get any ideas about posting a review of 'Made In the Dark' though - that puppy is all mine.

Dave Tran said...

glad it meets your approval. i was worried it was too much chipness. also because i've been on the road so much i don't know about the latest 'hot' bands. i could post about whats going off in vietnam these days but i'd rather not have to subject you to that.

that review is all yours. i'm feeling 'one pure thought' the most, it's a beauty.