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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


You may have noticed a lack of Aussie music on this fair blog and to put an end to this drought I present to you Sparkadia. Coming fresh off a tour of the UK supporting Jimmy Eat World and numerous plays on Zane Lowe (of world famous BBC Radio 1) this band is set to blow up both here and abroad.

Their sound is indicative of the indie scene coming out of Sydney at the moment with bands such as Bird Automatic, Red Riders and Dappled Cities Fly. All angular guitars and heartfelt vocals with a soulful twist. A sampler for their upcoming album Postcards, released on the 29th of May, has been doing the rounds and contains promising cuts including 'Animals' and the lead single 'Too Much to Do'. Check out the sparkling pop of the latter below.

Sparkadia - Too Much To Do

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