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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Don't tell anyone what we've got going on

Easter saw the release of Mystery Jets second full-length: Twenty One. From the sirens at the beginning of the slamming opener Hideaway, until the last keys of 21 the proceedings will have you tooling around in your personal dance space. There's their massive single at the moment, Young Love, featuring the dulcet tones of Laura Marling, the Buckley-esque Flakes, which was an iTunes free download last year, and the entertaining tuneful kick of Two Doors Down (a live version of which can be found below).
Other highlights include MJ (which donates the post title), Umbrellahead and Half in Love with Elizabeth (guess you can see by now where this one is going since I've already acclaimed more than half the 12 songs on the album!)
Unfortunately, for mine, somewhere around the end of Hand Me Down (which is also a splendid listen), Twenty One loses a bit of its lustre. I'm not quite sure whether it's the lack of "franticity" that sits at the top of the album, but I do know that it is does little to dull what is an otherwise very strong showing.

Mystery Jets - Two Doors Down (BBC 6Music Session)
Mystery Jets - Young Love (BBC 6Music Session)

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