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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

G-Unit - Bottom Girl

Man, it kinda bums me out that my quality filter seems to have dropped off recently. I have to stop guiltily enjoying songs just cause they remind me of pop-rap from the late 90's which used to be the shizzle at house parties. Hopefully this isn't my musical Glory Days moment, because that'd mean I've got a quarter-life crisis coming on, and I'll have to sit around in dingy bars talking up mosh pit moments and how I knew all the words to 112's back catalogue...

So G-Unit's new one, just posted @ Fiddy's site, is called "Bottom Girl"... I can't even be bothered making a crack at how devastatingly chat that title is. The video is interesting though: it looks kinda like Fiddy's tried to do his own take on Yeezy's "Good Life" clip, with the emphasised words and the simple colouring. And, once again, he's come in a distant second to the Louis Vuitton Don. His raps are still so fluid and confident that it almost kinda saves the song, and even Tony Yayo sounds better.

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