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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Long Blondes - Couples

So the second album from England's The Long Blondes has just surfaced on the interwebs and being a big fan of their debut I am happy to post that 'Couples' is a worthy successor to 'Some One to Drive You Home'.

Produced by Erol Alkan (of Peter, Bjorn and John and Justice remix fame) 'Couples' sees the band moving in an electronic direction with the opener 'Century' twisting spacey synths and bleeps around Kate Jackson's distinctive vocals. There is a still a fair share of guitar driven tracks such as 'The Couples' and 'Erin O'Conner' and Kate Jackson's warped and candid take on love still takes the lions share of themes and lyrics. Other standouts include the errie shuffle of 'Round the Hairpin' and the breathy menace of 'Too Clever By Half' (which is featured below).

The Long Blondes have done well to add an extra layer to their angular sound. I highly recommend both albums.

The Long Blondes - Too Clever By Half

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Nurhayani Chan said...

Nice Review Coxon!. i Really Love The Long Blondes - Couples (2008). U Can Listen The Album At My Blog

Nurhayani Chan said...

Nice Review!. i Really Love The Long Blondes - Couples (2008). U Can Listen The Album At My Blog

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