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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

That is alot?!

So you may have noticed that Burnt Waffles has gone a little quiet lately. Well as we wait for the last few big albums of 2008 to drop and put the finishing touches on our best of's I thought I would point you too a few albums that have been locked in my pod.

Whenever other genres are feeling a little limp I find a trip to the deeper, heavier end of the spectrum is in order. The new Chase and Status album that dropped recently has filled that need quite nicely. Entitled More than Alot it lives up to its title with a buffet of different, dare I use marketing speak, urban sounds. While many of the bigger singles have been kicking around for a while and are made for losing your shit too at 3am such as Smash TV, Pieces and the massive Hurt You it is the dub step inspired Running which I find sticking in my head day after day. Enjoy the cheeky contrast of rattling bassline and soulful hook below.

Moving to the deeper sound, specifically that of Cambridge, England. Hospital has recently release the third volume of their acclaimed Future Sounds of Cambridge compilation and it is smacking. Its filled with productions by drum and bass heavyweights Commix, Nu:tone and Logistics and even sports a number of collaborative tracks to sweeten the deal. Standouts include Cosmonaut and Intervention by comparative new comer Logistics and the collab track Ghost Snare. Ghost Snare can be found below, all clicks and deep grooves. For those who like to enjoy the subtlety of the jungle genre.

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Sean Wrong said...

Intervention = Win x 2