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Monday, November 24, 2008

The 10th Wonder

It's sort of hard to concentrate on anything other than 808's & Heartbreak at the moment because Kanye has - I think - dropped one of the most revolutionary albums of recent years, but apparently the world keeps turning for people who aren't utterly fascinated by Mr West. Prolific mix-taper Mick Boogie has yet another, this time with flame-spitter Cynicus. All the beats are produced by 9th Wonder which should make this a repository of heat. 9th Wonder's material is super fresh at the moment, possibly my favourite going around. And this is a beautiful thing because, between him and Kanye, we now don't have to put up with listening to the tween pop-rap that Will.i.am continues peddling and all the d-bags who choose the music in shops force on us.

Mick Boogie presents Cynicus - The 10th Wonder (rapidshare)


Sean Wrong said...

There is nothing more hilarious than the commentzzz on that blog. Ohh, brings me to tears. Someone should definitely create a new blog simply to host all of that gold.

Oh wait, maybe there is...

"apparently the world keeps turning for people who aren't utterly fascinated by Mr West"

You could say that. I wasn't even aware he had a new album coming out and certainly wasn't aware that he was going to call it "808's & Heartbreak". In response or should i say "Rebuttal" to your post here - http://bwaffles.blogspot.com/2008/02/speech.html where you slated Atmosphere as well as their conscious or emo approach to hip hop, i think your man Kanye has taken the cake there with this title.

Although i can't comment on the Gangsta:Conscious content ratio of the album as i will not be listening to it, i'm sure with such hits as "Love Lockdown, "Heartless" "Welcome to Heartbreak" and "Coldest Winter" it's a certified Gangsta classic.

All sarcasm aside though, i hope he's alright. Seriously, i do. Sounds like he's really struggling with dem '909's & Tough Times'

alex said...


is different from


Sean Wrong said...

Yeah, and the only people who make albums about 'great sorrow, loss and anguish' are Emo's, ala Kanye Wentz - http://www.unc.edu/bounce/images/p6art1.jpg

alex said...

That's a great image!