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Thursday, June 19, 2008

This is just me indulging in some cultural imperialism.

I love Human Television and they should be bigger than they are. Their album "Look At Who You're Talking To" came out just over two years ago and I find it genuinely weird that everyone slept on such sweet indie-pop. So listen to the track, then download the zip (it's only 10mgs), and then we can talk about them together. Thanks.

Human Television - In Front Of The House

Zipped Tracks (thanks to freeindie.com)



sassy said...

this song feels nice. and comfortable. but also a little bit like listening to conor deasy. maybe the powers that be had to choose only one plantive singer and american band to be famous and they chose the thrills instead?

anyway will download. then can discuss.

sassy said...

also if that post said anything about americans, what I actually wanted to know is ... are they american. my brain is broken. soz.

alex said...

Yep. Variously from Philadelphia and Brooklyn, depending on who you trust.