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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ahoy Thar, Port O'Brien

Finding themselves somewhere in the realm of Colourbook and No Age, with some obtuse hints of Arcade Fire, Port O'Brien are a five-piece outta Oakland who dropped their long-awaited album "All We Could Do Was Sing" in mid-May. There's some kinda Decemberists-esque imagery and it has a kind of Human Television earnestness / naïvete...
Anyway about 18 months ago, Pitchfork reviewed "I Woke Up Today", and claimed it was angsty and isolated. I call bullshit. I was having a weak day today, and other people were having worse ones, and this track picked me up and hit a chord it hadn't when first released in late '06. I think I listened to it once and forgot about it then. But this time, I found the whole confessional, proto-indie-folk-pop sound beautiful. If this song can count as a 2008 release, it's maybe my favourite non-banger track of the year. So far.

Port O'Brien - I Woke Up Today

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1 comment:

Michaella said...

I wrote a feature on them for Groupie a few months ago and they are super lovely!

I do think this song is a little gimmicky. BUUUUTTT check this out


About 40 secs in = BEST audience reaction, prolly ever!