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Monday, April 28, 2008

The Next Untouchables?

So a bunch of new fire got dropped in our laps last week and we've been a bit slow to get it up... until now.
The rest of the BW crew will be very much relieved that one of my most anticipated albums of the year, Cajun Dance Party's debut The Colourful Life, has finally arrived and that they no longer have to listen to me hyping it. And boy do these London kids live up to my hype, not to mention the benchmark set by three singles that preceded the album: Amylase, The Next Untouchable and The Race.
The rolling pop-rock riffs of most CDP tunes are typically balanced by melodic breakdowns, and really beautiful ballads like Time Falls and No Joanna. There are distorted frantically jazzy songs infused with hints of blues and so many other inspirations. This is real ear candy.
It's hard to believe that CDP has only just finished school. The style of The Colourful Life is very much quality and not quantity. The songs are pop song length and there are only 9 of them, but not one second will disappoint you - seriously!

Cajun Dance Party - The Race

Website | MySpace (you can hear a live version of Buttercups at their MySpace)


Nat said...

Yeah son - another instant classic

alex said...