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Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Chronic Heat

In the wake of mash-ups becoming genuinely good (we were all surprised), The Hood Internet are leading the charge. The switched-on pair of ABX and STV SLV have a crazy accurate ability to combine stuff, with a focus on dropping raps over prime tunes, old and new. BW recently claimed these guys would blow up in '08 (if they haven't already), and when they're dropping Clipse over Cat Power or making R. Kelly actually reasonable by mashing him on "7/4 Shoreline" you'll see why. There's an attitude that simple 2-song mash-ups using rap are bullshit because rap is so 4/4 and easy, but when you do it this well, who cares?

The duo drops new tracks fairly regularly, so there's a wealth of stuff. Just to be even more balla, they've linked EVERY SINGLE MIX (there's like a million) plus a whole bunch of mixtapes at their site. Here's a few flavours anyway:

Clipse vs Cat Power - I Don't Blame You For Grinding And Shining

T.I vs Fujiya & Miyagi - What You Know About Transparent Things
Lykke Li mini-mix (individual tracks in a 30MG zip via Sendspace)

Head over already!

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