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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cutting The Fat

No time for clever gimmicks or conceits here. I'm on deadline dammit. Recent things that are one thousand degrees:

Mayer Hawthorne & The County - Just Ain't Gonna Work Out

New Stones Throw artist Mayer Hawthorne has us over here at BW in a weeks-long swoon. Nat wants to have his babies. Lo-fi blue-eyed soul that sounds like long-lost Stax demos. LURRRRRRR.

(thanx to Stranger Dance for having a link when Badongo is bitching out)

Kid Cudi - Switchin' Lanes

It's fair enough to think that tracks recorded exclusively for video games should be retarded. They probably are, fundamentally. But Cudi's I'm-not-even-really-trying-here delivery suits the almost All Eyez On Me style beats. If you haven't yet, follow Dat New CuDi on Twitter cause he drops links to new tracks.

BLK JKS - Summertime (Carlos Ramos version)

BLK JKS are like a South African version of TV On The Radio - in that they sound similar, are amazing, and come from Johannesburg. Props to RCRD LBL for this track.

Body Langauge - Huffy Ten Speed

Neon Gold is ridiculous. We continue to worship at the altar. The consistency of the bangers over there is just unbelievable. This is my jam of the year so far.

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