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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tone Setting For A Summer Arvo

There are those of us who have armed ourselves with an arsenal of melodic indie-pop, blissfully imagining a soundtrack to summer weekends spent with rosé and friends in a sunny backyard. But Sydney, in inimitable fashion, is threatening overcast humidity for basically the rest of 2007. Great. Nonetheless, these tracks should sound sweet no matter where you're sitting, and set the mood for a lazy summer eve.

Sparkadia - Animals
Local popsters and acquaintances of the BW kids, Sparkadia have scored themselves Single of the Week on iTunes. So get your free download on until December 17th over at the iTunes store. This maybe isn't lazy listening, but it sure sounds nice.

Colourbook - Lung Fung
You imagine these guys are kinda meek, tattooed Portland-looking scenesters. Unpretentious but erupting with talent. The type of guys who have a quiet charisma, but when they sink a few will end up on the table belting out Run to the Hills with older alcoholics at the Ashfield.

Human Television - In Front of the House
Speaking of Portland, this BW writer caught these guys there last year. They don't seem to have made ripples in Australia, despite having their released album "Look At Who You're Talking To" over 18 months ago. Which is a shame, because they put together some seriously catchy melodies and endearing lyrics.

Harlem Shakes - Waltz
These kids outta Brooklyn (ironically) are making deluxe music. This is a track from their (somewhat) recent session for Daytrotter, all of which is worth a listen. And while you're there, check out Daytrotter in general.

UGK featuring OutKast - International Players Anthem

Obviously not indie pop. But one of the feel-good tracks of the past year, and recently nominated for a Grammy. Which is only small solace for having lost half of UGK, when Pimp C passed of 'natural causes' last week. Pour out some of that rosé this summer for our ninja.

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