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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday wrap-up. Obvs.

I haven't posted in a while and then it was a long weekend so today is the day. Rather than rock some clever theme I'm just gonna post a few tracks getting high spins on my iPod in the last week. Not necessarily because they're amazing tracks (I'm looking at you, Bosko)

1. Canadians - Like Dylan In The Movies

They're Italian, duh. I kinda feel like half the people who listen to this will go "huh? A folk-pop version of a Belle and Sebastian song? That's so inconsequential." But the other half will be like me and go "it's real pretty." There's some bumpin' junk at their myspace too, and you can download "Summer Teenage Girl" from their site. It's cute too.

Myspace | Website

2. Usher - Love In This Club (Bosko remix)

I loved the original (this is someone who bought 8701 the day it came out and spent the next year bumping "U Remind Me"). This remix is retarded. It's like 'why bother' but I'm glad he did.

Usher | Bosko

3. Women - Group Transport Hall

I don't wanna bite GvsB's shit but I've totally thought the same thing: like pretty much every band has something to do with women or girls in their name nowadays. These guys obvs, Girls, Girl Talk, Girls in Hawaii, Vivian Girls, Women & Children etc. And it's working. So go with it, I guess. Like how a few years ago every good new band had some variation of 'wolf' or 'knife' in their name. Anyway this isn't Jose Gonzales but imagine if he was HAVING FUN FOR ONCE. With his friends around on other instruments too. It only goes for a minute. That's what happens when you're having fun, you get distracted.

Myspace | Website

4. Mickey Factz - You Remind Me

Not a cover of the aforementioned Usher classic. Just Mickey Factz demonstrating he's got one of the most easy, likable flows of anyone at the moment. He drops some clever, sweet little rhymes in this one, which has given me a nice break from the week before, when I rediscovered Hell Hath No Fury and spent a whole bunch of train trips bumping it and wondering if everyone else on the 8.05 knew how gangsta I was.

Myspace | Mickey's collected heat at The Fader


Nat said...

Ha - Props for the 'train gangsta' comment. We have all been there.

Michaella said...

where did you find this? he's on fire! dropping a new mix tape every week! mannnnn love it love him

ps. i have never been a train gangster. bus bandit always

sassy said...

a folk version of a belle and sebastian song? YES.

as always, the italians do it better. that song makes me happy in my heart.

and not in that weird belle and sebastian way where you hear the song and think it's kinda cheery, until you listen to it a few more times and the cheeriness becomes so empty and echoing and false and saccharine that you kind want to to top yourself.